Aomics GmbH

From compounds to an effective drug

Our highly trained interdisciplinary team use state-of-the-art AI technologies for developing novel approaches for Hit-to-lead identification and optimisation for accelerated drug development

We develop AI-based cheminformatics approaches for analyzing massive compound libraries for generating a set of lead compounds and optimize them further for an efficient drug discovery workflow
Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven full stack drug discovery platform

Our highly trained interdisciplinary team use state-of-the-art AI technologies for developing novel approaches for Hit-to-lead identification and optimisation for an accelerated drug development workflow

We develop AI-based muti-omics and cheminformatics approaches for finding novel drug targets and evaluate their target disease efficacy
Rare Diseases drug target identification and drug discovery

We have created a in-house database for rare disease multi-omics data and AI-empowered toolkit for orphan drug development and repositioning

Rare Diseases Bioinformatics
Collaborate with us for analysing multi-omics data and implement our AI toolkit to get valuable insights

Extremely committed team help to deliver faster and meaningful information from your multi-omics dataset

Clinical data management and Data analyses
Big Biological/Healthcare Data Analytics for drug development
High quality data analytic services

Our team of data engineers help in structuring and analysing big data to make critical decisions for your businesses

abstract red particles digital technology background design
AI & Blockchain empowered rare disease platform for orphan drug discovery
AI/Blockchain integrated rare disease platform

Get in touch with us for accessing our rare disease platform

futuristic artificial intelligence face technology background
Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Empowered Multi-Omics based Drug Development & Repurposing Toolkit
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Drug-Development & Drug-Repurposing Toolkit

Our Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning based toolkit and pipelines help in performing Drug-Development & Drug-Repurposing

futuristic artificial intelligence face technology background
Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Empowered Healthcare Data analytical solutions
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for your enterprise

Our Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning based toolkit and pipelines help in achieving most out of the data

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Who we are?

Aomics GmbH is an European based deep-tech healthcare startup, headquartered in Germany. By harnessing the power of publicly available and proprietary big biological data, deep learning, AI and blockchain technologies, our core focus is to develop deep-tech solutions for Personalized medicine and Orphan Drug-Discovery.

We have been developing a personalized immuno-oncology toolkit called Onco-cure. By analyzing tumour microenvironment (TME) dataset Onco-Cure analytical dashboard is aiming at predicting patient specific immune biomarkers and allows oncologists to choose and develop the optimal targeted therapies for the patients. Mission of our proprietary Onco-Cure dashboard is to deliver most insightful approved targeted tailored therapy options to the oncologists within 48 hours.

Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning for Immuno-informatics

We develop powerful AI solutions for drug development and re-positioning by major focus on immunotherapies. By leveraging AI we identify best compounds, and computationally optimize them for predicted drug targets. We then predict molecular mechanisms by utilizing multi-omics data for a single stop drug development workflow. Our intelligent AI solutions assist in accelerating the drug discovery workflows, and cut down the costs and time to several degrees

How we use Multi-omics data for drug target identification?

We use Omics data to evaluate the following key features for drug targets: the modulation, a target is disease modifying and/or has a proven role in the pathophysiology of a disease; the tissue specificity, a drug target expression is not uniformly distributed throughout the body; and the druggability, a target can be modulated by a drug.

Blockchain for Healthcare

With our blockchain based healthcare application development, we bring clients onto our platform to ensure scalability, security, sustainability and high performance in the drug development workflow. Get in touch with us for establishing a personalised blockchain solution for your Healthcare business

Compounds in Pipeline

Target Indication

Diseases of the nervous system

Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities

Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases

Diseases of the circulatory system

 Atherosclerosis (CVD)



Clinical PoC Trials

Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial

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Technologies under development




Proof of Concept


Testing & Validation


Launch & Marketing


Scaling & Establishing

Multi-omics based AI pipeline
Immuno-Oncology data analysis pipeline
Clinic-Ledger- Blockchain platform
AI/Blockchain for orphan drugs clinical trials
AI based orphan drug development pipeline

Some Numbers

Here are few numbers from our databases

AI processed Scientific Literature/Articles/Patents/White papers​

1 M+

AI extracted and integrated compounds’ data

0 +

Pharma & Academic partners ​

1 +

Our AI & Blockchain based Developed models​

1 +

Artificial Intelligence (AI) predicts the interactions of small-molecules with the multi-omics data for personalised target prediction and drug development

We leverage molecular AI, cheminformatic and molecular docking techniques for identifying the best molecule for an accelerated drug discovery/repositioning workflow

Hit to lead generation and further optimize physicochemical properties of the lead compounds for drug development. Find other similar orphan on-shelf drugs for an efficient drug-repurposing

Aomics GmbH is a German based company founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Currently with the interdisciplinary team of experienced healthcare professionals, medicinal chemist and computational biologists, Aomics GmbH is entirely focused on AI & ML-based in-silico drug target identification, drug discovery and personalized medicine solution development.

"AI/Blockchain empowered high quality drug development & drug repurposing pipelines!"

"Advancement of multi-omics (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics etc.) techniques together with robust computational algorithms, over the last two decades, allows us to understand the molecular basis of diseases with much higher precision. Consequently it made a clearer roadmap for the drug discovery workflows to identify drug targets and effective compounds with higher precision and efficiency. At Aomics (Ai for OMICS), we are highly committed to develop state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI)-based pipelines for analyzing systems biology, multi-omics healthcare/clinical data with a core focus of finding novel drug targets and Identifying/optimizing compounds for drug discovery. By referring to our proprietary personalized medicine technologies medical professionals and clinicians offer individualized therapies to the patients. "

Who We Are

We are a German based company, specialized in the area of drug discovery and drug target identification. By leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, multi-omics and cheminformatic techniques, we efficiently reduce the time and cost of the drug development process to several folds.

Our Mission

Make the best use of the state-of-the-art digital technologies, scientific knowledge and resources to accelerate the effective development of new diagnostic techniques and therapeutics for global health

Our Vision

“To develop highly efficient and effective diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for a healthy future

Our Values

Our Role

“To serve the patients who are unfortunately suffering with diseases with unmet medical needs by accelerating the development of highly efficient and effective diagnostic and therapeutic techniques

Our key priority

“Our key priority is to ensure that everyone has access to safe, affordable, fast and efficient solutions to the healthcare problems, especially for the disease areas with huge unmet medical needs”

What We Do

Would you like to start a project with us?

Reach out on the given number or write us an email for further queries regarding project requirements