Aomics GmbH

AI & Blockchain based multi-omics & clinical Data analyses for drug development

We leverage state-of-the-art AI technologies for analyzing massive public as well as proprietary clinical data, which is backed by a blockchain empowered data security, ownership and transparency system

De-centralized Blockchain Network

Our core AI & Blockchain empowered drug-development workflow

Experimental Data

Clinical Data generation

Clinical trials’ data analyses

Aomics core facility:

  • Artificial Intelligence model development
  • Scientific Data mining/processing
  • Blockchain development and maintenance

Patient data collection

Omics analyses

Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning

We develop powerful and innovative AI models and pipelines for the healthcare data analyses. By leveraging AI, we assist making powerful insights from the healthcare data.


With our blockchain development services we help your product in bringing scalability, security, sustainability and high performance. Contact us for establishing a personalized blockchain solution for the healthcare/clinical projects.

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