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Let's code and grow together ​

At Aomics GmbH, we continuously enhance our organization by empowering our talented team members and fostering their potential and motivation. We value the power of trust and rely on the experience, knowledge, and skills of our people. If you are interested in joining our team, please explore our current job opportunities and send your applications to

Why Choose Us?

Like other clients who trust our services, here are the reasons why our dedicated team and excellent services are attracting more and more clients each year:

Because of our best quality services and excellent track record our clients are always fully satisfied 

With a result oriented problem solving attitude, we are here to meet all your IT related requirements 

Based on our full dedication and commitment to the product development and customer satisfaction our company has won several best performance awards

We are here to develop technological advance and highly innovative products which bring value to the end customers. Therefore the solutions we provide result in an excellent ROI

We have a team of 15-20 highly experienced developers, who work with great passion and enthusiasm to meet all your demands. Contact us to know more about our experiences